About us

Rex Academy Helps Every Kid Develop the Computer Science Skills Needed to Thrive.

Imagine Giving Kids Everything They Need to Understand Computer Science.

If you don’t know how to code, it might sound difficult. If you don’t have the budget to learn or train a teacher, it might even sound impossible.

Rex Academy changes that.

Rex Academy offers a complete solution that any adult can use to empower kids to learn Computer Science, regardless of their own coding experience.

Too Many Kids Think Computer Science “isn’t for them”.

With Rex Academy, every child gets the curriculum and support they need to learn valuable Computer Science and Cybersecurity skills.

Built for teachers of all experience levels, Rex Academy gives schools the resources
of a complete CS Lab so students get a quality CS education, no matter the school’s size or funding.

Built by a Parent, Loved by Kids!

Rex Academy was founded in 2019 by software engineer Sandhya Padala. When she wanted her kids to learn the Computer Science skills employers want, she couldn’t find a good option. So, she decided to build one.

Sandhya began teaching her kids, a few friends and began to expand her programs to after-school programs, summer camps, and schools. She built partnerships with the Girl Scouts of America, the YMCA, and many private schools.

In 2019, and Rex Academy’s online Computer Science classes were born.

Today, Rex Academy helps thousands of kids learn Computer Science and Cybersecurity, fulfilling Sandhya’s dream of bringing practical skills to kids in a fun, engaging way.

Our Vision

Rex Academy is committed to providing more opportunities for every student to enter into computer science and cybersecurity careers.

Our Mission

Rex Academy offers a concise, turnkey computer science curriculum and learning platform designed to prepare students with 21st-century skills. Rex Academy’s project-based curriculum prioritizes student success through individualized experiences. Features such as automatically graded assessments and courses designed to be taught by non-experts make it easy to bring world class computer science instruction to any workforce development organization or school.



Sandhya Padala

Founder and CEO

Stan Page

Stanley Page

SVP of Sales


Chris Strzok

Customer Success Director


Tapu Ahmed

Curriculum Director


Group 4ewr

Caitlin Web

Operations Manager


Carl Hooker

Chief Evangelist of Innovation


Vamshi Geendru

Co-Founder and CTO



Bill Attinger

Managing Director at FORSTMANN & CO.

Dennis Brylow

Dennis Brylow

Professor at Marquette University


Dwight Jones

State Commissioner of Education Advisor to Education Investors


Grady Buchanan

Co-Founder at NVNG

Jacob Final

Jacob Hanson

CEO & Storyteller, PRP Group


Jey Veerasamy

Director of Center for CS Education & Outreach, UTD

Joe Merrill

Joe Merrill

Partner at Sputnik ATX

Oksana Malysheva

Oksana Malysheva

Managing Partner/CEO at SputnikATX

Thomas Aurelio Davis

Thomas Aurelio Davis

Director of Business Development at The Center for Educational Innovation