Level Up Your After-School or Summer Program by Helping Kids Learn to Code.

With Rex Academy, your faculty and staff don’t need Computer Science experience to help kids learn Computer Science.

Built by a Parent, Tested by Kids!

Rex Academy was founded in 2014 by software engineer Sandhya Padala. When she wanted her kids to learn the Computer Science skills employers want, she couldn’t find a good option. So she decided to build one.

Sandhya began teaching her kids and a few friends in 2015. By 2018, she expanded Rex Academy to after-school programs, summer camps, and schools. She built partnerships with the Girl Scouts of America, the YMCA, and many private schools.

Business doubled by 2019, and Rex Academy’s online Computer Science classes were born.

Today, Rex Academy helps thousands of kids learn Computer Science and Cybersecurity, fulfilling Sandhya’s dream of bringing practical skills to kids in a fun, engaging way.

Engaging Kids with Fun Projects While They Build Valuable Skills!

Make your camp or program the place where kids enter a world of lifelong learning, higher earnings, and professional growth. It all happens through learning Computer Science.

Give kids the skills to build the technology they use every day.

Inspire kids to work towards building real projects, not just earning grades.

Help kids build and apply literacy and numeracy skills in a fun, practical way.

Spark an interest in kids that can lead to a career in many fast-growing industries.

Greenhill School has increased their summer camps from 18 to 50 camps in 2 years.

“These are introduction to programming which are not a part of school academics.”

Director of Summer Programs
Greenhill School

Rex has offered wide variety of tech camps at YMCA.

“Coding is reading and writing for the future generation.”

YMCA Metropolitan Dallas



Increase student participation

Quality turnkey solution

Increase customer satisfaction

Expanded course offerings

Diversify camp enrollment

Full browser based


Greenhill School has only 4 Summer Camps

After Rex Academy we are offering 50 Summer Camps


Virtual Lab Environments

We take care of customer support

Quality instructors available

Affordable pricing

Vetted curriculum

100% project based curriculum

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