Inspire your kids to learn Computer Science (even if you can’t code)

Our Private Online classes support learners at home to learn computer science in a fun, engaging way.

Built by a parent like you, for kids like yours

Rex Academy was founded in 2014 by software engineer Sandhya Padala. When she wanted her kids to learn the Computer Science skills employers want, she couldn’t find a good option. So she decided to build one.

Sandhya began teaching her kids and a few friends in 2015. By 2018, she expanded Rex Academy to after school programs, summer camps, and schools. She built partnerships with Girl Scouts of America, the YMCA, and many private schools.

By 2019 the business doubled, and Rex Academy’s online Computer Science classes were born.

Today, Rex Academy helps thousands of kids learn Computer Science and cybersecurity, fulfilling Sandhya’s dream of bringing practical skills to kids in a fun, engaging way.

Empower your kids to build their future

When kids learn Computer Science, they enter a world of opportunity for lifelong learning, higher earnings, and professional growth.

Give kids the skills to build the technology they use every day

Inspire kids to work towards building real projects, not just earning grades

Help kids build and apply literacy and numeracy skills in a fun, practical way

Spark an interest in kids that can lead to a career in many fast-growing industries

Join 10,00 student who are thriving with our full suite of online classes right now!


12 Hour Package

  • One of our staff members will get in touch and work with you to find a suitable time that works for you and the teacher.
  • Create your own 12 hours private class package with friends and families. Second student gets 15% discount and third student gets 20% discount.



Learn from Technology Rockstars!

We hire carefully-vetted talent sought after by companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Disney. We hire who they hire.

The Highest Standards

  • Top Talent Recruited from Elite Universities
  • Meticulous Background and Reference Checks
  • Virtual Training
  • All-Adult Instructors

Here is the sample lesson











My kid is already Tech Savvy

Programming would be getting a “hands-on” understanding of how computer science actually works, the sort of deeper grasp of the subject which leads people to real innovation. Children need more than just being taught how to use the internet, iPad, PowerPoint, Photoshop. They should be able to create the next version of PowerPoint.

My kid already spends too much time on tech

Our classes will convert your child from video game player to video game creator. From browsing Mobile Apps, websites to creating them. Create your own youtube channel instead of watching youtuber. Become a digital artist. Lets utilize their interest in tech and make it a quality tech time. Being able to think critically about digital media environments means being able to think critically about our world.

Don’t want my kid to become a software programmer

Your kid might be a doctor or an NFL player.Nowadays Technology is central to our lives and technology will be a dominant force in our kids lives. Kids need to have a fundamental understanding of how computers think. Kids who understand the basics of programming will be more adaptive to changing needs of the workforce.

Being able to think critically about digital media environments means being able to think critically about our world

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”

— Stephen Hawking

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.”

— Steve Jobs

What are the benefits of learning coding

Programming is like magic. If you have an idea, you program it and make it a reality. Instagram, PayPal, Google are examples of these magic.

Programming helps develop independence and self-confidence and also gives children an outlet to develop their creativity by being able to have an idea and then create a finished product for that idea.

It teaches vital problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. Children need to analyze at a very detailed level to tell the computer what they want the computer to do for them.Students should code because it reinforces critical thinking, computational thinking and problem solving skills that will benefit them in all areas of life.

10 reasons why coding is important

  1. Technology is Everywhere. Computers are used in everyday life.
  2. Computing helps logical thinking.
  3. Computing helps self confidence.
  4. Coding improves communication skills.
  5. 9 out of 10 parents want their kids to learn computer science.
  6. There are 500,000 current openings in computer science.
  7. Programming is the second highest paid college degree.
  8. Highest rate of job  satisfaction.
  9. 58 % of jobs in STEM are computing.
  10. Everyone enjoys coding.

My child is in elementary school. Isn’t my child too young.

Programming is the new language. Programming is the new literacy that every kid has to learn in this digital world. The younger the kid is, the easier it will be to pick up programming (like any language).

Not only does that equip children for 21st century life, it means that they will have a much greater chance of inventing and developing the things which will dominate the coming decades.

My child is in middle school. Isn’t my child too young.

The parents of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got him a private computer tutor when he was in middle school.

Our School already has a strong CS Program

  1. There is a huge shortage of teachers in schools. Only 78 CS Teachers graduated across the nation. In 2018. 
  2. Most schools do not have the physical infrastructure and time in students schedules to make coding a repeatable class in their schedule every week.
  3.  A teacher cannot be an expert in all age groups and within High school cannot be an expert in all topics of Computer Science . It is vast and keeps changing. 
  4. Technology keeps changing every day. Rex Programming has a curriculum department that keeps up with the changes and updates the curriculum.
  5. Assigning labs for practice. More labs student practice. More confident they become. It is more complicated than Math. Each coding problem can be resolved in thousands of different ways. It takes a lot of time for teachers to answer

Can my kid prepare AP CS-A Exam & write exam outside of school

  • Your student could be in Middle School or High School. With two to three years of coding background. 
  • A parent and student should plan for writing the exam at least a year prior to the AP exam that is conducted every year in May .
  • We would train the student with enough coding background so that the student is prepared to attend our Java program which is focused on preparing a student for the AP CS A exam. Once the student, teacher and parents feel comfortable that student is prepared for the exam. A parent needs to sign up between January to March 1st week time with a school that is taking homeschooled kids to write the exam . 
  • Once the parents register the student with the AP college board and the school test center who takes home schooled kids, the student will take the AP CS A exam in May on a predefined date by AP College board along with other high schoolers. 
  • Students receive the Score through the AP College Board.

How can my child receive Cybersecurity Certification training

  • Students and parents need to sign a waiver from Rexx Programming to attend Cybersecurity class which says Rexx is not responsible for how the student utilizes the skills learned in this class.
  • Students should have a year of coding learning experience with us or outside.
  • Takes 2 to 3 years of weekly one class of cybersecurity to prepare for the Ethical HAcker Certification program which essentially prepares them for a career in Cybersecurity which has a 0% unemployment rate.

Will my kids like coding classes

Programming is downright fun. You don’t have to drag your kids to our classes. They will drag you to our classes. Our classes will shift your kids from playing video games to creating games.

25 reasons why you have to send your kids to Rex

  1. age appropriate classes
  2. focuses on teaching critical thinking, analytical thinking, logical thinking, 
  3. fosters communication skills, focus on building self-confidence
  4. Kids having fun and engaging classes, adapts to learning styles, 
  5. 80% or above Project based learning and Outcome based
  6. Lessons have animations, videos, step by step instructions, projects, practice labs
  7. Homework and quizzes
  8. Starts from basics to fully prepare a student for this digital world, If the student wants a career in software, they are prepared
  9. Industry standard certification programs
  10. Financial Gamification to keep the classes interesting
  11. Code Editor embedded
  12. Autocorrection of labs
  13. Kids can explore on every project further on their own
  14. Qualified teachers
  15. Trained teachers
  16. Background checked
  17. Teachers are there every step to debug programs
  18. Curriculum is a collaboration effort among Computer SCience Teachers, Subject Matter Experts, Parents, Children, Voice over artists, Animators, Artists, Instructional Designers and Content Writers
  19. Curriculum is Standards aligned (TEKS, CSTA, K12CS, Common Core)
  20. We have a complete flow of courses from beginner to advanced level
  21. We are transparent with TOC s and teachers go above and beyond the TOC
  22. Every student gets to build a project at the end using SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) used to build any software project across the globe.
  23. We offer a 100% guaranteed fee return for an unsatisfied parent within first 2 weeks of the class start date.
  24. Rex coding classes improves your student’s math skills.

Where will my kid start and what would be the next program

What is the price

For Online Private lessons $45 for 1 hour, $210 for 5 hour and $480 for 12 hour classes.

For Online Virtual Classes

  •       Camps ( 5 days a week. Daily 2 hours ) – $ 199
  •        Weekly Once for 1 Hour ( 4 Months ) – $499
  •        Weekly Twice for 1 Hour ( 2 Months ) – $499

For Self-Paced Online Courses price depends on the course


Any Discounts offered to online classes

For virtual group lessons there is a sibling discount of 5 percent.

For private lessons ( 12 Hour Pack ) there is a discount of 15 percent for second student and 20 percent for third student. 

How would the online classes work

 We use Google meets conference call and you will receive a google calendar invite to the email that you have used to sign up your child. All the classes happen through Google Conference calls. We use Google Classroom which has a course curriculum, LanSchool where teachers can see student’s monitors. All of our classes are recorded and you should receive a recording of the class.

Who are your teachers

Our teachers have Computer Science or Education background or both. We train our teachers in our learning philosophy, training methodologies, our teaching digital tools, infrastructure and most importantly our curriculum. All teachers are background checked.

Who wrote your curriculum

It is a collaborative effort among Computer Science teachers, Subject Matter Experts from different computer science fields, Instructional Designers, Content Writers, Animation Artists, Voice Over artists, Video Editors and Project Managers.

Format of the curriculum

Topic Overall Objective of the topic, Table of Contents, Alignment to national standards (TEKs, CSTA, K12CS), Objectives per lesson, Topic delivery with a combination of text instructions, videos, animations, projects, labs, interactive activities, off screen activities, Homework, Quizzes, animations, gamification of the content – students earn points as they make progress.

Different courses we offer

Private classes process

  • Parents sign up for private class.
  • Rex Teacher Lead (David) Contacts the family and figures the right teacher fit based on the family goals, course and time
  • Teachers schedule meeting invites with the family.
  • Teachers do the classes using online conference calls and emails to update the parents after every class.

My child doesn’t know any coding.Can he still attend the class

We start with age appropriate very basic programming skills, every class builds on what they have learnt previously. And switch to the very advanced stuff and the student will be prepared for the very advanced stuff as they go through the curriculum.

Does my child also learn to use other computer skills

Traversing the operating system. Creating, opening files, saving files, downloading and saving images, presenting to the students in remote classes, is a lot more tech savvy than they ever were.

How does Virtual Classes run

Prior to the class work of Teacher, during the class work and after the class work of teacher.

How does self study classes work

Parents buy the courses online at https://rexprogramming.teachable.com/ and follow along the lesson plans at their own pace and at the convenience of their home and at a time convenient for them.

Why is it important for Girls to learn coding

  1. Coding can help to empower girls
  2. Coding helps girls with academic performance
  3.  In Switzerland, only 11% of STEM graduates are women, 16% in France, and 7% in Belgium.
  4. Coding boosts the average woman’s pay
  5. Coding helps with math skills
  6. According to a report by Catalyst, a global nonprofit organization promoting inclusive workplaces for women, just 25 percent of the American STEM workforce was represented by women in 2016. 
  7. Girls who can code can work at some of the biggest companies in the world like Facebook, Google or NASA.



Is it true that learning to code is optional for kids

No, Coding is not an optional skill anymore in this digital world. It is a mandatory skill. Coding is like learning to read and write for this generation. Every kid needs to have a fundamental understanding of how computers think to survive in this digital world.  It is not an optional skill for these kids.

Will students be able to build more projects from what they learn

Yes, students usually come up with their creative ideas and build their projects and bring their ideas into reality. They also have an option to expand one very project they work during the class.

Will students get support while doing projects while not in class

As of now they can email the teacher.

Will there be a support period for after the course is finished to help through questions for students

Yes, Students can purchase for private lessons.

Will a course completion certificate be issued

Yes, A course completion certificate will be issued.

If a student misses a virtual group class

Content will be shared with the student and teacher would be available at specific times to answer any specific questions.

Is there a money back option for unsatisfied customer

We offer a  100% money back guarantee within the first two weeks of classes if not satisfied.